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The persolog DISC Behavioral Profile® is based on the research of professors John G. Geier Ph.D. and Dorothy E. Downey M.S. Important approaches by reputable scientists such as Erich Fromm, Alfred Adler and Martin Fishbein were included in the development. The company persolog GmbH, established by Friedbert Gay in Germany in 2004, is currently the owner of the rights of the last generation of the DISC Profile.

The DISC Behavioral Profile® is available in 20 languages on all continents. There are more than 8.500 certified trainers worldwide who attest to the quality of the results of the persolog profiles.

The persolog Personality Factor Profiles have been used in Germany for over 20 years. 90% of the DAX companies (the main stock exchange index in Germany) work with certified trainers of the persolog Personality Factor Model.

xpand is becoming the persolog partners for Canada for providing all the newest generation of DISC Personality Factor Profiles and DISC related training materials. We also provide the official Trainer Authorization License, which enables you to work with all the persolog DISC tests and products.

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