XLA 2017

xpand leadership academy – 16 courses

A Modular Program
Our XLA program is a complete and inspiring leadership development program for leaders of all levels. Throughout the program you will learn to execute your tasks with more success and in a more authentic way. We are able to customize and adjust the specific training program, in order for you to participate exclusively in the modules of which you feel that they are the most important. The program consists of 16 modules (1-day training courses), divided into 4 main topics:

Personal Leadership
• Authentic Leadership
• Personal career development
• Discovering resilience
• Building a life and workstyle of resilience

Coaching Leadership
• Winning and integrating staff
• Developing and coaching people
• Stimulating performance
• Exercising staff interviews

Team Leadership
• Building effective teams
• Handling conflicts
• Interpersonal communications
• Presentation, moderation

Strategic Leadership
• Designing an inspiring and motivating vision
• Strategy development
• Building effective organizations
• Transition Leadership