Career Coaching

With an eye on the future

Are you facing certain important career choices? Is your work or your job not challenging or fulfilling enough anymore? A coach will help you to develop a new and clear perspective, a new strategy for the following years. It might mean: breaking new ground, starting with a new course or study, growing into another role at work, etc. What fits best? In what position do your strengths and skills correspond best with your actual work? Which surroundings ensure that you will be able to keep on developing? What is your motivating environment? Are you going to work with a smile on your face?

Intrinsic motivation means that your work corresponds with the things that matter in your life (like your competences, motivating environment and values). Career coaching supports you in developing a new perspective and taking concrete steps to realize it. Interested? Contact our office, and we will gladly discuss how we can best support you.