Empathic leadership

Empathic leadership In times of crisis, all employees in every organisation need a safe culture, where trust and respect are the basis. Paul Zak gives an overview of research on "High Trust Organizations" and what effect a culture of trust has on employees in his book ‘Harvard Business Review’. Of employees who work [...]

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Resilient leadership

Resilient leadership In Chinese, the word crisis consists of two characters. The first character means danger, the other means opportunity. And that is precisely the challenge of leading in a crisis. You live and work in an environment where dangers and opportunities abound, challenging you daily to make choices.  As a professional, you [...]

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Leadership qualities

Leadershipqualities March 2020. The whole world goes on lockdown. And with great surprise and a slight shock, we are amazed by the impact of this pandemic. Pretty soon, the first routes for this crisis were mapped out, in the hope that by the end of 2020 we would have a better grip on [...]

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