Creative Life Planning

Exploring life’s journey

Are you searching for a new perspective at work? Or do you want a different, less stressful or maybe a more challenging job? Are you looking for a better way to integrate your work and your private life? Do you want to enlarge your personal efficiency? Do you want to develop a clear vision for your work, family or role in society and need someone who can really help you to make the right decisions? Find out more about our Creative Life Planning and contact our coaches.

These questions are the heart of our CLP-process. It starts with a process of discovery. With clearly defining your specific competences, skills, motivations, wishes and values as well as understanding how dilemmas, obstructive thoughts or life experiences often make it difficult to actively and creatively give your life direction. With this newly gained knowledge your coach will then help you to make these important life decisions. Together you will develop a fully integrated strategy for the next five years of your life.


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CLP 3.0

 Creative Life Planning 3.0 is now available in English!

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Ik ben op mijn bestemming aangekomen. Of eigenlijk was die bestemming een tussenstop. Want ik kan weer op weg, maar nu met nieuwe bagage, geordend en een stuk zelfverzekerder.

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