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Discover the entrepreneur in you and become unique in your mastery. In this book we challenge you to use your talents, discover your mission and develop your dream business in a healthy, sustainable way. Our specially developed Entrepreneurial Process hands you all the tools needed to construct an innovative business plan that is original, functional, supportive and fits you like a glove. Start immediately, take on the challenge and set your first step on the road towards successful, healthy entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur is a profession; one that can be learned. This book not only helps starters in growing their businesses and entrepreneurship, but also assists existing businesses to take it to a next level of excellence.

I am the entrepreneur: Here you will clearly identify who you really are as an
entrepreneur, as well as your strengths, your passion and mission, and where your challenges lie.

My customer is king: You win customers by inspiring them. You will discover which
customers suit you, in which of their needs you can provide, and how you can win them as your fans.

The market is exciting: Identify the current developments in the market and in your sector. What are the opportunities and risks? How can you position yourself in the market for success?

My product is #1!: If you know both your customers and the market: how can you
develop your product and services in such a way that you exactly reach the ‘sweet spot’ and thus are able to build your company into a flourishing company?

Build your business to last: Once you have all the ingredients to develop a
visionary and strategic business plan, how can you ‘sell, sell and sell again’? And how to build your Top-Team that will together with you grow so your business can succeed now and in the longer run.


Auteur: Paul Ch. Donders en Cias P. Feirreira

Uitgever: xpand Edition

Jaar van uitgave: 2019

Pagina’s: 210


Paul Ch. Donders (1957) is the CEO of xpand International, senior consultant and keynote speaker. Since 1997 he has written 15 books, of which most are published in various countries and languages. Paul has been married to Sylvia since 1978 and is the father of three, now grown-up, children. Their home base is the Netherlands. Since 2011, Paul and Sylvia live and work in South Africa part of the year.

Cias P. Ferreira (1988) one of the directors in xpand South Africa, is a consultant, coach and trainer for organizations and professionals. He has published one book which has sold copies in various countries. Cias has been married to Chantal since 2010 and they live in Centurion, South Africa.

At xpand, we are convinced of one thing: in every human there is an artist. Every human has a strong desire to give his or her life meaning. This book does not only help you to find your own way to work in life, it also stimulates you to grow in your trade and mastery.

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