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Live healthier, perform better

Resilience is the ability to deal with challenges, changes and unexpected setbacks in a positive and meaningful way.

In a time when so many people suffer from an excess of stress and stress-re- lated syndromes, such as burn-out, it is evident that we need to develop the tools to face these challenges. Resilience is an essential competence for con- quering these modern-day difficulties. You may think that being resilient seems unrealistic. Paul Donders sees things differently. Life is not out of our control, but it is certainly within each and every one of us to develop our own resilience and become happy, healthy people.

Resilient people live longer and perform better in all stages of life. Being resilient helps you to remain on your feet during challenging times, it helps you to find crea- tive solutions and to take on all the various responsibilities that you are faced with. Developing your resilience contributes to living a healthier, more enjoyable life. How can you develop your resilience more effectively?

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Author: Paul Donders
Publiser: xpand edition

PAUL DONDERS (1957) is managing director of xpand Netherlands and CEO of xpand international. He is senior consultant, coach and keynote speaker. Paul is also author of 12 books, most of which have been published in various countries.

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