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Workshop 1

Being  a Christian in Politics – by David Müller.

What is the New Testament task of political leaders? How does a Christian make politics in a secular world? Do I have a political responsibility as a leader?

Workshop 2

Disruption: What is it and how to do it – by Brandon Paschal.

Henry Ford did not invent the car, nor the production line. But he did merge the two together and bring disruption to the mass transportation market. We will look at generic customer journeys and identify opportunities for applying disruptive innovation.

Workshop 3

Un-said spoken – by Job van der Wal, Mighty Impulse Movement
More than 80% of the communication is non-verbal. 90% Of the people are not aware of the power of the body language. Professionals trying to project the message on to there audience They want to send there information as a whole, so that the audience will remember much as possible for what they bring. When you looking to the official numbers you can see that the visual is very important. We are communicating daily with the people around us. When the first impression is wrong, or when you say verbal something different than your body does, than can you talk for hours but the information will not or little be remembered by the others. When you make in a effective way use of the non-verbal communication, to support the what you say, you will see that the message will be clear to the other people. During the training Job van der Wal, from Mighty Impulse Movement, will go deeper in to the different´s between verbal and non-verbal communication. Communication takes mostly place with the help of the spirit and mind. Knowledge of this will create the power to influence the impulse and emotions. 

Workshop 4

How do you deal with conflicts in the workplace? – by Jolanda Nooteboom

 In this workshop we take a closer look at why conflicts evoke. We will focus on the process of conflict. You will also discover your own style of conflict and how you deal with problems in normal life. Finally, we will take a broader perspective and find a strategical pathway of conflict resolution in the work place.

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Workshop 5

Design your Business – by Paul Donders

This workshop is for every professional that wants to grow in her/his calling as a professional as well as growing in leadership. Since we all need to learn to think, design and build like an entrepreneur. You will do the entrepreneurscan and get the 5-step roadmap to grow as the ‘unexpected entrepreneur’

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Workshop 6

“Your leadership habits of today will determine your leadership style of tomorrow” – by Cias Ferreira

Leaders will be in leadership much longer than first expected. Leadership is no longer a seasonal experience few get to  have between the age of 40 and 55. The world is changing and so is the longevity of leadership.

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Workshop 7

Faith and National Transformation in Southern Africa: Realizing the vision of a forum on social development, economic transformation and integrity – by Péter Istvan Danku 

It all began with the Cape Town Collaboration Event – Identifying the Key Challanges in Southern-Africa in 2017 to equip marketplace and church leaders with tools to transform economy, culture & society in Southern-/South-Africa while encountering a revolutionary new paradigm for the development of Africa and serving God’s Kingdom. In partnership with the Unashamedly Ethical (UE) campaign in South-Africa, the Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum of the European Christian Political Movement and the Economic Summit the workshop invites Xpand participants to gather and galvanize new ideas and energies for the realisation of the project in 2020.

Main objectives of the workshop are to identify further avenues, triggering ideas and innovative resources in order to:

  1. Engage young professionals and students (ages 18-35) primarily from Southern Africa, but also from the wider African community in a series of conversations on paradigm-shifting economic transformation, social development and Christian politics to encourage and promote post-war reconciliation and post-colonial development as well as national and macro-regional (cross-border) Christian human relations.
  2. To facilitate the formation of new and innovative business plans, professional and political networks and other nation-building projects serving the African people and building God’s Kingdom
  3. To practically apply the principles of Jesus through regional and community outreach of various kinds to create transformational businesses as new models for sustainable economies and development in the region
  4. To highlight successful leaders in the region and create a space for them to share and invest themselves in a new generation of (potential) leaders.

Workshop 8

God‘s view on children of leaders of influence – by Birgit Müller



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