1. The Skills Game

  • The Skills Game is at present a card game adapted from the Skills Workbook
  • It is a useful tool (gamification), especially with young people.
  • As always there are positives and downsides auf this.
  • we will provide you with a pdf to possible print the game beforehand (ONLY FOR THIS PURPOSE!!!)
  • we will then discuss the merits and use all insights as appropriate.
  • there could be scope to turn the game into a digital version/app – at a cost, to be discussed as well.
  • Trainers: Michaela Kast/Helge Pöstges

2. The Catholic Parish scan 

  • The new church scan evaluates 16 elements of a healthy church. 
  • Designed on request of the Bishops of the Netherlands 
  • Available in 4 languages 
  • How can you use it within a parish transformation process 
  • Workshop leaders: Janny Budding and Tom Koot

Download the presentation here.

3.The CEO 4.0 journal and scan 

  • the new CEO scan evaluates 15 CEO qualities 
  • the same grid as the VCL scan, but completely focused on C-Suite level 
  • connected to the brand new book:  CEO 4.0 The Journal 
  • how can you use it in your executive coaching?
  • Workshop leader : Paul Donders 

Download the presentation here.

4. AI in Coaching and Recruiting 

  • Video based AI assessing the external impression of a coachee / candidate
  • Underlying model: “Big Five” personality traits 
  • Free trial:
    (Please make use of it to get the most out of the workshop!)
  • Ideas for usage for coaching and recruiting purposes 
  • Trainer: Hubertus von Stein 

Download the presentation here

5. Masterclass Collective Creative 

  • a 3 per 1,5 day master class on spirit and methods of CoCreare as a tool to innovate 
  • Designed for Companies who need practical help to set free the virus of creativity and innovation 
  • Available in English, German, Italian 
  • How does collective creativity work?
  • Trainer: Manfred Schweigkofler 

Download the presentation here.

6. Mentoring

  • The mentoring process assess my mentoring, coaching and counselling competencies. 
  • How can you use this to help organizations develop a mentoring culture that contribute to a learning environment while creating insiders in the company. 
  • Presenters: Benita George and Hester Verwey

Download the presentation here. 

7. Employability Academy

  • The Employability academy aims to empower young people with the skills needed for the future. 5 step process to develop self-awareness, social skills and entrepreneurial skills.
  • How can you use it in your context to serve young people.
  • Presenters: Cias Ferreira and Sonja Sommer

Download the presentation here. 

8. Thinking skills Assessment 

  • A complete scan focusing on the 12 thinking skills needed to develop holistic thinking. 
  • Focused on helping individuals grow their thinking skills to lead well in the future. 
  • How can you use it in your coachings and trainings. 
  • Presenter: Cias Ferreira and Mercia Van Der Merwe

Download the presentation here.

9. Future Lab

  • Strategy Development with up to 100 participants of an organization / company
  • Duration: 6-12 months
  • has been delivered in churches and organizations several times
  • Introduction to the process and Q & A
  • Trainer: Hubertus v. Stein

Download the presentation here. 

10. Business Culture Design – Introduction of a new tool of xpand

This tool is a practical instrument…

  • …to make the topic of culture tangible
  • …to analyze and visualize the current culture in the company
  • …to formulate the desired culture in clarity
  • …to get an idea what to do to get to the desired culture
  • Trainer: Tina Bauer

Download the presentation here.

11. Design and facilitation

  • Magic happens when you bring people together with a clear purpose and a well-designed process.
  • How to design a workshop that delivers the result
  • How to be a successful facilitator
  • Virtual vs face to face
  • Facilitator: Remco Hempenius

Download the presentation here. 

12. Accelerate and transform your business –

a case study

  • How IKEA is co-creating a new IKEA in all big cities around the world
  • Today more than 50 teams (senior leaders) completed the programme in the last three years
  • An introduction into the process, method and tools
  • Facilitator: Remco Hempenius 

Download the presentation here.