1. The Skills Game

  • The Skills Game is at present a card game adapted from the Skills Workbook
  • It is a useful tool (gamification), especially with young people.
  • As always there are positives and downsides auf this.
  • we will provide you with a pdf to possible print the game beforehand (ONLY FOR THIS PURPOSE!!!)
  • we will then discuss the merits and use all insights as appropriate.
  • there could be scope to turn the game into a digital version/app – at a cost, to be discussed as well.
  • Trainers: Michaela Kast/Helge Pöstges

2. The Catholic Parish scan 

  • The new church scan evaluates 16 elements of a healthy church. 
  • Designed on request of the Bishops of the Netherlands 
  • Available in 4 languages 
  • How can you use it within a parish transformation process 
  • Workshop leaders: Janny Budding and Tom Koot

Download the presentation here.

3.The CEO 4.0 journal and scan 

  • the new CEO scan evaluates 15 CEO qualities 
  • the same grid as the VCL scan, but completely focused on C-Suite level 
  • connected to the brand new book:  CEO 4.0 The Journal 
  • how can you use it in your executive coaching?
  • Workshop leader : Paul Donders 

Download the presentation here.

4. AI in Coaching and Recruiting 

  • Video based AI assessing the external impression of a coachee / candidate
  • Underlying model: “Big Five” personality traits 
  • Free trial:
    (Please make use of it to get the most out of the workshop!)
  • Ideas for usage for coaching and recruiting purposes 
  • Trainer: Hubertus von Stein 

Download the presentation here

5. Masterclass Collective Creative 

  • a 3 per 1,5 day master class on spirit and methods of CoCreare as a tool to innovate 
  • Designed for Companies who need practical help to set free the virus of creativity and innovation 
  • Available in English, German, Italian 
  • How does collective creativity work?
  • Trainer: Manfred Schweigkofler 

Download the presentation here.

6. Mentoring

  • The mentoring process assess my mentoring, coaching and counselling competencies. 
  • How can you use this to help organizations develop a mentoring culture that contribute to a learning environment while creating insiders in the company. 
  • Presenters: Benita George and Hester Verwey

Download the presentation here. 

7. Employability Academy

  • The Employability academy aims to empower young people with the skills needed for the future. 5 step process to develop self-awareness, social skills and entrepreneurial skills.
  • How can you use it in your context to serve young people.
  • Presenters: Cias Ferreira and Sonja Sommer

Download the presentation here. 

8. Thinking skills Assessment 

  • A complete scan focusing on the 12 thinking skills needed to develop holistic thinking. 
  • Focused on helping individuals grow their thinking skills to lead well in the future. 
  • How can you use it in your coachings and trainings. 
  • Presenter: Cias Ferreira and Mercia Van Der Merwe

Download the presentation here.

9. Future Lab

  • Strategy Development with up to 100 participants of an organization / company
  • Duration: 6-12 months
  • has been delivered in churches and organizations several times
  • Introduction to the process and Q & A
  • Trainer: Hubertus v. Stein

Download the presentation here. 

10. Business Culture Design – Introduction of a new tool of xpand

This tool is a practical instrument…

  • …to make the topic of culture tangible
  • …to analyze and visualize the current culture in the company
  • …to formulate the desired culture in clarity
  • …to get an idea what to do to get to the desired culture
  • Trainer: Tina Bauer

Download the presentation here.

11. Design and facilitation

  • Magic happens when you bring people together with a clear purpose and a well-designed process.
  • How to design a workshop that delivers the result
  • How to be a successful facilitator
  • Virtual vs face to face
  • Facilitator: Remco Hempenius

Download the presentation here. 

12. Accelerate and transform your business –

a case study

  • How IKEA is co-creating a new IKEA in all big cities around the world
  • Today more than 50 teams (senior leaders) completed the programme in the last three years
  • An introduction into the process, method and tools
  • Facilitator: Remco Hempenius 

Download the presentation here. 

International Tribes

Tribe 1: Young Generation, Career Coaching and Employability

We want to synchronise and expand what is happening in the area of Young Generation in our xpand nations.

You can find more information here. 

Tribe 2: Consulting Family owned Businesses

To learn from each other regarding the work we do with family businesses and growing in our mastery to consult more for family businesses in the market!

You can find more information here. 

Tribe 3: Consulting Transformation in the Catholic Church

Working from seven xpand countries, we want to develop inspiring products and services and connect to align in our strategic serving in the Catholic Church.

Tribe 4: Christian Young Professionals (CYP) and Leaders of Influence International (LOI)

Together we want to learn how to build effective ecosystems with other Christian national organizations to reach out to, and serve Christian Young Professionals between 25 and 40, in our nations.