A Nourished Mind

A leader’s mind can be a fountain that produces life or a lifeless desert. It’s your choice.

Peter is a healthy and influential leader. In his personal space, he struggles with unhealthy thoughts. Thoughts that are starting to affect his leadership. He is no longer able to show appreciation towards his colleagues and staff. He is easily frustrated. Peter realises this during a coaching session. “Where did this begin Peter?” asks the coach. As Peter reflects he becomes aware of the root of this habit. It started during his first leadership position. The entire board use to spend time discussing the negative side of employees. They often focused on what each staff member did wrong. Peter wasn’t always like this. Before this board’s habit he use to appreciate people. He had compassion and lived a life of gratitude.

Healthy neural-pathways are created over many years. The thoughts of a leader are reflected in their words and actions. The mind of the future leader is build today. What they choose to see today is what they will spend their life on tomorrow. In the book The Little Book of Gratitude Robert Emmons says, “Gratitude is fertilizer for the mind in spreading connections and improving its function in nearly every realm of experience”. Being grateful is an intentional habit that can empower a leader. Habitually expressing appreciation to self and others is beneficial. Building a culture of appreciation enables people to perform and take self-responsibility. Gratitude has many wonderful and healthy results for the body.

Some benefits of being grateful:

  1. Live longer
  2. A healthy perspective about life
  3. Building compassion.

Start appreciating the beauty and strengths in the people you work with. Appreciate the organization you work in and the clients you currently serve. Science found that appreciating others increases a person’s awareness and even their brain capacity. An appreciative leader will build a culture of gratitude.

Tips to live in gratitude:

  1. Take 5 minutes each day, to be grateful for 3 things that happened that day.
  2. Take 1 hour each month, to write an appreciation letter to a colleague.
  3. Take time during your preparation for meetings and just think about what you appreciate about the people in the meeting.

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