Stand strong as a rock in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2020!


Stand strong as a rock in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2020! ‘The sum of the values of the executives is in fact the values of the organization.’ - Ulrich Hemel The person who has become a master in appreciation will stand like a rock in the surf, despite all the ‘violence’ of the Fourth [...]

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Appreciation at home and during the festive season!


Appreciation at home and during the festive season! ‘Love ignites the hidden light in us and in the other. Love changes the way we see others and ourselves. We feel beautiful when we are loved, and to evoke an awareness of beauty in another is to give them a precious gift they will [...]

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Appreciation Shifts People!


Appreciation Shifts People! ‘Appreciation is an aesthetic act, in which something is observed, seen and made visible, praised, celebrated and sung. It is (being) loved from the dark to the light.’ – Dorothee Sölle When I turned sixty a few years ago, I thought it was - not surprisingly – a good time to celebrate [...]

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The Value of Appreciation


The Value of Appreciation Why is appreciation so valuable?  As human beings, we need our value, our significance, our uniqueness and our honour to be affirmed by others. As a human being, on the one hand, you are an individual, someone who stands singlehandedly and is by definition already valuable. On the other [...]

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Dare to Dream


Dare to Dream Resilient people strongly believe in their own competence. They are capable to recognize the positive sides of life and their own natural skills. In doing so they are better able to not only accept new challenges but to even go looking for them, to grow further in their character and [...]

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Digital Disruption


Digital Disruption The resilient person believes that he (possibly with the help of others) is able to deal with the problems that cross his path throughout life.  In that sense life can never be a burden, only a challenge. – Aaron Antonovsky Our second area of focus in building your resilience will be [...]

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Gratitude in times of change


Gratitude in times of change I recently heard a doctor friend of mine comment that when he was younger the sickness of the age was flu or measles. Today his days are filled with patients that come to him because of burnout. Resilience is a key competence today for leaders to be future-fit [...]

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