The thinking gene of the leader


The thinking gene of the leader Matulale is a gracious and serving leader who always empowers her staff. She knows every person, their family and what their passions are. You might say she is a people’s person. But Matulale finds it difficult to make decisions in a timely manner. Important decisions are always postponed; to the [...]

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A Nourished Mind


A Nourished Mind A leader’s mind can be a fountain that produces life or a lifeless desert. It’s your choice. Peter is a healthy and influential leader. In his personal space, he struggles with unhealthy thoughts. Thoughts that are starting to affect his leadership. He is no longer able to show appreciation towards [...]

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Leadership in a 100 year life


Leadership in a 100 year life John is 22 years old. He aspires to be in leadership when he finishes his studies. He has been influential from primary school. He noticed how older leaders are still fit at the age of 60+. His friend’s father is an example. He is 63 and still has energy to [...]

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Products that inspire


Products that inspire An entrepreneur’s product is something that comes from personal beliefs and passion. In the first Chapter, we mentioned mastery. Mastery is not just about development of skills; it is also about the growth of the quality of products and services. The best way I have found to grow in the quality of my [...]

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Co-Creating with your customer


Co-Creating with your customer As an architect, I, Paul, was trained to design houses and buildings according to the needs of the people who would live or work in these buildings. The design process always started in collaboration with the customer. If I had to design a house for a family, then I first sat down [...]

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There is more than enough work


There is more than enough work As consultant I am in the industry of supporting and advising businesses to grow and design their unique business. This means that my target market can be broadly defined as any individual and company who want to either start a business or grow a current business. In South Africa alone [...]

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Design the customer experience


Design the customer experience Customers determine the very existence of companies. If it were not for them, we would not have any businesses – a simple truth. As an entrepreneur, your initial customer experiences will set the tone for future customer experiences, so don’t leave this to fate. Intentionally design healthy experiences for your customers [...]

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Make your customers raving fans


Make your customers raving fans Inspire your customers, don’t just give them customer service! Fifteen hundred years ago St. Augustine said: "The fire must first burn in you, before you can ignite it in the other!" In other words: you must be inspired before you can inspire someone else. To maintain inspiration we use the ‘four faces’ [...]

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The Habit of Discipline


The Habit of Discipline In his two books, Good to Great (2001) and Great by Choice (2011), Jim Collins tells us what successful entrepreneurs need to grow healthily and meaningfully, both in good times and in chaotic and negative periods. The answer is unexpectedly simple: discipline, discipline and discipline. Jim uses the principle of the [...]

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