Your vision and pain on the journey


Your vision and pain on the journey Tahima has an exciting dream and started her leadership journey while at university. She is now 30 years old and about to give up on her leadership journey. Her colleague and confidant has backstabbed her. She cannot understand it. This was not her picture of leadership. [...]

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Designing a living organism


Designing a living organism Sophia’s organization is 30 years old. For the last 30 years she has been intentional to make sure that her company lived within its own unique dignity and destiny. She had a rhythm of design time for the organization. Such times was often exciting and challenging simultaneously. Looking back [...]

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Self-Awareness David is 50 years of age and healthy. He schedules time every year to learn and be coached. He understands his own competencies, passions and limitations. He does not try to be a super hero. What you don’t know about David is that he is the owner of a very successful multi-national family owned company. [...]


Society as a Home


Society as a Home Samantha is 25 and keen to start her own business. She is however very nervous. Her nerves have nothing to do with being in business. She does not want her business to just be another business. She wants her company to make a difference, to change the community and to make the [...]

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A fly on the wall


A fly on the wall Tandiro has a thriving business with healthy employee morale. If you ask the staff why they enjoy working at the company, they answer, “Tandiro understands us, he listens to us”. Tandiro enjoys walking around in the office. It’s a weekly habit he acquired over the last few years. If you would [...]

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The thinking gene of the leader


The thinking gene of the leader Matulale is a gracious and serving leader who always empowers her staff. She knows every person, their family and what their passions are. You might say she is a people’s person. But Matulale finds it difficult to make decisions in a timely manner. Important decisions are always postponed; to the [...]

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A Nourished Mind


A Nourished Mind A leader’s mind can be a fountain that produces life or a lifeless desert. It’s your choice. Peter is a healthy and influential leader. In his personal space, he struggles with unhealthy thoughts. Thoughts that are starting to affect his leadership. He is no longer able to show appreciation towards [...]

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Leadership in a 100 year life


Leadership in a 100 year life John is 22 years old. He aspires to be in leadership when he finishes his studies. He has been influential from primary school. He noticed how older leaders are still fit at the age of 60+. His friend’s father is an example. He is 63 and still has energy to [...]

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