A wide range and many years of experience and expertise

xpand has been actively supporting a wide range of organizations, companies, churches, healthcare centers, schools, NGO’s and individuals for over 28 years. We have gained a diverse expertise over the years and we are glad to share our expertise with our clients.


xpand as your trusted advisor and training & coaching facilitator

xpand has a long experience as a close advisor of various major companies, as well as SME’s, and large and smaller family owned businesses throughout Europe. For the past 4 years, xpand has started working in South Africa as well, with companies such as Power Group, Mertech Investment Group, King Price, Egon Zehnder, Delphi Automotive, Roche Pharma and Robert Bosch. We provide support through our consulting, training, coaching and leadership development programs.


xpand as your partner

During the past 10-20 years, xpand has specialized in supporting organizations within the Healthcare Sector. Youth-Institutions, Hospitals, Social Care, Nursing Homes, Health Centers. We deliver tailored support in helping these organizations to grow in their leadership development, team development and personal development. How do you ensure results while at the same time focusing on your customers? How do you create a culture of satisfied clients and proud employees? These are a couple of the typical questions. We would gladly take a closer look at your specific situation and needs together, to discover how we can support you best.

Non Profit

Supporting dynamic organizations all over the world

xpand has extensive expertise working with and supporting a wide range of Non-Profit Organizations. We have supported political parties, schools, universities, socials organizations, and so forth. We train and coach individual employees, teams, management-teams and boards in their personal development, team building and strategic decision making. We also consult during transitional processes.


Strong identity and vision for a healthy future

Since the beginning, xpand has worked extensively to support churches as they develop their vision, strategy and leadership. xpand has acquired in-depth expertise in tailoring training programs for these specific environments. As churches deal with many changes in these complex times, now more than ever, church leadership is in need of support in order to make the right decisions and to give direction to their community.


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