Resilience is the competence to deal with challenges, changes and setbacks in a positive and meaningful way.

In times with so many that suffer from an excess of stress and stress related syndromes, it seems like a burn-out, it seems to be becoming more and more important. But, being resilient seems to be a somewhat unrealistic phenomenon. Paul Donders see things differently! Life is not makeable in our control, but it is certainly in any of our own resilience.

Resilient people live longer and perform better in all stages of life. Being resilient helps you to stay on your feet during challenging times, it helps you to get creative solutions and to take on all the various responsibilities that we are faced with. Developing your resilience is a lot to being healthier and being able to enjoy your life and your relationships better. How do you develop your resilience more effectively? That, you want to find out, reading this book …

Author: Paul Donders

Publisher: xpand South Africa

Year: 2015

Pages: 167