Start walking towards mastering the art of appreciation! 

Appreciation is the perception, discovery and expressing the value and uniqueness of a person. There are many people in our lives to whom we can generously give the gift of appreciation. Our partner, our children, our family, our friends and colleagues, our customers, people who cross our path of life, but also ourselves.

I hope that this blog-series has inspired, or at least encouraged you to appreciate more and more and perhaps even become a master in appreciating others. However, you only become a master by starting as a student. Practice makes perfect.

“What is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago! What is the second-best time to plant a tree? Today!”

Appreciation, gratitude and respect are all virtues that grow like a tree. In the beginning, you must allow each a good place in your life. You support it with a pole to strengthen it against the unpredictability of life. Every day you give it some water, and in the first year, you are quite busy with it. However, in that year, the roots grow underground, deeper and deeper. Like the branches in your brain, your soul and your emotions. It gets stronger, healthier and more stable every week. After a few years, your tree of appreciation has become so strong that it has become a pillar of your character. And every year, your tree is going to bear fruit.

So, where can you start today? As Benedict of Nursia said, you cannot train five things at once, but the trick is to focus on one competence and train it for a whole year, daily small steps, micro-actions and rituals.

Where to start

You can start by practicing a few small appreciation habits in 2020. You can also order the Appreciation book, which includes an appreciation scan or assessment. Here you will find many tips and ideas to grow in the art of appreciation.

Imagine your family develops a wonderful culture of appreciation. How motivating will that be for every member of the family?

Imagine a real culture of appreciation is created at your workplace. How much extra resilience does that bring to everyone? People are sick less often, come to work with much more pleasure and energy, and customers become fans of your organization. It always starts with one or two people making a commitment to build a healthy, humane culture of appreciation.

We as an xpand team wish you every success, and are happy to assist you if you need external support in building a healthy company or organization. And, of course, I’m curious what you’re going to do next. If you have any questions, want to give feedback or just want to share your successes, mail us at .


This blog series is written by Paul Ch. Donders, author of his new book, Appreciation.

Restoring the dignity in humanity

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