Understanding yourself and others better.

Have you ever observed these different behaviors on holiday?

  1. For this person everything is about action! Holiday is the opportunity to do as much as possible: swim, play golf, kayak, exercise, even try out all kinds of sports that you’ve never done before in case you could discover a new challenge. Moto: be active!
  2. Where there’s people, you will find this person in the midst of them. This behavioral style enjoys talking and sharing life with others, they tend to have a positive view on life that they believe is worth sharing with everyone. Moto: let’s have fun!
  3. This behavioral style enjoys a holiday where they have no responsibility, to do whatever they feel like in that moment. And examples of these actions: watch TV, sleep, take long relaxed walks and maybe even build a puzzle. Moto: relax!
  4. The person who enjoys being on his own to clear his head, sort his thoughts and focus in a quiet environment fits into this behavioral type and will also be the main focus of today’s blog. Here the preference is to pursue a hobby. That one thing you’ve always wanted to do and never had time to, holiday is your opportunity. Moto: more than enough time to enjoy doing it well!

With which of these behaviors do you connect? Each one of these personality behaviors has beauty and brings beauty to the world. 80% of people will display two of the above mentioned behavior styles, 10% will display three and only a further 10 % will mainly display only one. The beauty of these behavior styles is that we can have different styles in our work environment and home environment. We also go through different seasons in life where we develop different styles. With the combination of more than one style present we also see how each person is unique in their own way. Although one style may seem dominant, it is always good to use this information as a way to get to know the uniqueness of each person. In the previous blog we looked at the Stable behavioral Style, today we check in with the Cautious style.

The Conscientious Behavioral Style

Would you describe yourself as:

  • Quality focussed
  • Diplomatic
  • Weighing pros and cons
  • Enjoys planning
  • Concentrates on details

This profile prefers order, discipline and a professional atmosphere. They are motivated by facts and an environment that allows enough time to do quality work. People with a strong cautious behavioral style experience their environment as stressful and responds to this in a non-assertive way. This causes them to come across as careful and analytical.

The beauty of this behavior in communication.

People with a high “C” communicates in a structured and well thought through manner. They are good listeners especially during factual conversations. They react reservedly in order to gain reassurance. This communication style includes a lot of details and brings across a clear process and storyline. They ask multiple questions in order understand clearly what has been said. The beauty of this communication lies in their ability to understand complex situations and conversations.

What they need to flourish in communication.

When communicating with this style in an unfamiliar situation do so in a calm, formal way and avoid personal questions. Always allow the opportunity for a person with a cautious behavioral style to ask questions and analyze what has been said without rushing them to respond. Make logical and factual statements instead of emotional statements.

Because of this profile’s analytical thinking style one might think they don’t need affirmation. But like all people we want to appreciate the destiny and dignity in this profile and bring out the best in their style. They flourish when you compliment them on the quality of their contribution. Take time to appreciate their attention to detail and the fact that they are always well prepared. Use sentence like;

“I appreciate the good quality questions you bring to a conversation.”

“I think your ability to collect data, analyze facts and make analytical questions is of great value.”

“Your value of preparation is inspiring.”

Challenges in communication.

A person with this behavioral style can benefit from communicating directly. Sometimes this person can get boggled down in too much detail. Their strength of critical thinking can comes across as pessimistic and could make it difficult for some people to connect with them on an emotional level.

Tips to be a healthy “C”

  • Delegate more
  • Improve the ratio of time, energy and expenses invested to achieve results
  • Try new things
  • Be more optimistic
  • Be more confident to share your ideas

Words of appreciation to the Conscientious personality behavioral style

  • Embrace the fullness of your profile.
  • You are truly the quality controller in all teams.
  • We need your ability to analyze and your attention to detail.
  • Please share your feedback, we can really benefit from your in-depth knowledge and experience.

Embrace your uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

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