Become VUCA Proof through tribe learning!

Since 2017 we describe our society as VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. With a coronavirus that moves the rest of the world via a province in China, we are experiencing part of this VUCA society in South Africa. Suddenly, planning becomes unpredictable, agreements become unpredictable, chain reactions with financial and social consequences are uncertain: how long will this last?

And therefore, for us the question is: how will I become, and how will my company, school, hospital or municipality become VUCA-proof?

In 2017 we started “tribe-learning” as Xpand in answer to the question “How will my organization and I become more VUCA-proof?

What is tribe-learning?

A group of 5 to 9 professionals learning together for a specific time, sometimes 3-6 or 9-12 months. In order to grow in precisely these competencies that are most important for each participant individually, to grow to his or her next level.

Accompanied by a master-trainer coach, the “tribe” will work in 6-8 meetings on themes that have been designed with the current group and crises in mind. Each tribe member works on his own learning goals, and together you will learn from the trainers as well as from each other.

This year we will start new tribes, mostly online tribes. The first of which is the Company Leadership tribe that will start 15 May. In the next blog we will share on other new tribes that is coming.

Why Tribe-Learning?

The tribe creates a platform for contextualized leadership, open discussion and purposeful application. I believe that the Xpand tribe adds critical value for Leadership in a fast-changing world. Marisa Van Der Merwe , Minichess.

  1. In your profession, you are on your way from student to professional, to travel companion, to Master, to Artist. And every step to the next level requires a focus on 5 themes.
  • Focus on your intrinsic talents.
  • The Interplay: between your talents and your passion/mission.
  • Training: 5000 hours, challenging assignments and to grow. Practice produce art.
  • Tribes: A permanent group of 5-9 fellow professionals who learn together and constantly challenge and stimulate each other.
  • Mentors: as a professional, you will benefit enormously from 2-3 mentors who will guide you in your growth process.

It is precisely here that tribe-learning offers an environment and challenge to use all 5 elements of this growth process in a structured way.

  • You work on your specific talents
  • You discover and renew your passion and mission
  • You will be given a tool box to work and train with-in your daily practice.
  • You are part of an inspiring, determined and professional team of fellow travellers.
  • You experience mentoring by the team and the trainer-coach.

A warm invitation:

Sign up for one of the 4 tribes in 2020 and start your growth towards VUCA proof professionalism. Here are more information on the Company Leadership Tribe.

Contact us at or 079  434 9030 to sign-up.

Sincere greetings,

Xpand South Africa Team

Empowering individuals and organizations to thrive.