Your vision and pain on the journey

Tahima has an exciting dream and started her leadership journey while at university. She is now 30 years old and about to give up on her leadership journey. Her colleague and confidant has backstabbed her. She cannot understand it. This was not her picture of leadership. No one told her she would encounter painful moments and times as a leader. During a conversation with her mentor she is reassured that this happens to all leaders. It is the choice of the leader if they will run from the pain, stay in the pain or work through the pain.

Leaders begin with an envisioned future, but they also know that there is a long journey between here and there. We can only reach it, on step at a time, one day at time. Sir Jonathan Sacks

How true is this statement of Sir Jonathan Sacks. As leaders, young and old, we begin with a vision. We know that this vision can take long to come to fruition. Along the way we will also experience some pain. But the pain should not define us. It should only make us more resilient. I want to encourage you today to keep moving forward towards your vision. Take the next step, courageously live the next day. When you get hurt, don’t give up. Learn from the hurt, it will make you stronger, and keep moving forward.

Here are some tips for your journey:

  1. Build a healthy support group around you.
  2. Take regular time for silence, rest and reflection.
  3. Design and live your own leadership style.
  4. When you experience pain, pause and let the wound heal but don’t let it define you.
  5. Spend time with family and friends. They are probably your biggest fans.

My question to you is; will you be able to say at the end of your leadership journey that you are stronger, healthier and more resilient than when you first started?

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