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The DISC personality profile was developed by Prof.Dr. John Geier, based on his psychological and behavioral studies in Minnesota, USA. Today the company Persolog International, founded by Prof.Dr. John Geier (USA) and Friedbert Gay (Germany), owns the rights to the newest generation of DISC behavioral instruments.

This new generation DISC profile tests is scientifically developed and highly validated in around the world. The Persolog Disc personality profiles are available in 20 languages and in all continents.

As xpand South Africa we are the Persolog Partners for South Africa and provide all the newest generation DISC profiles and DISC related training materials. We also provide the official Trainer Authorization License, which enables you to work with all the Persolog DISC tests and products.

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‘The Behavioral Blueprint, 4 kinds of people you need to know’ (250.000 copies sold). It include a short self-test, gives you a great insight and overview on the twenty different behavioral profiles and covers topics like:
– DISC and Personality
– DISC and Time Management
– DISC and Leadership
– DISC and Teamwork
– DISC and Sales
– DISC and Partnership
– DISC and Children
Price : 420 Rand