Discovering personality strengths and weaknesses

This may be the most important key to success: Not only understanding your own personality strengths and weaknesses, but also having a better understanding of the type of person you’re dealing with. Communicate with each person the way that person is ‘wired’ to accept, and wants to respond. Use the right match – approaching a Dominant with the bold, quick style that Dominant people like. An Influencing with an appeal based on emotions, a Steady with emphasis on stability and transparency and a Cautious with all your facts and figures at the ready – and you will be well-received.

The DISC personality profile questionnaire helps you to discover your own personality strengths and weaknesses. At the same time the DISC profile helps you to understand others and their personality strengths, weaknesses, needs and annoyances. It makes it – for instance – a very effective and much used tool for Team Development, Career Coaching and Leadership Development.

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‘The Behavioral Blueprint, 4 kinds of people you need to know’ (250.000 copies sold). It include a short self-test, gives you a great insight and overview on the twenty different behavioral profiles and covers topics like:
– DISC and Personality
– DISC and Time Management
– DISC and Leadership
– DISC and Teamwork
– DISC and Sales
– DISC and Partnership
– DISC and Children
Price : 420 rand