Organization Development

The unique strengths of your organization

Organizations are constantly developing. We can support the sustainable development of your organization; a process in which the development of vision, strategy, structure, teams, employees and work relationships go hand in hand. The integration of consultancy, training and coaching is the key to this development being successful.

Since 1988 xpand has supported a wide variety of organizations in various European countries, from municipalities to large corporations, from universities to small companies, from hospitals to churches, from non-profit organizations to schools. Since 2012 xpand has been a trusted advisor and trainings facilitator in South Africa for a wide variety of organizations, such as the Power Group, Mertech Investment Group and Doxa Deo.

The successes of organizations are always the result of the organization’s goals. Succes is achieved by enthusiastic employees that can associate themselves with the organization and its goals. This includes everyone: the board, the managers, the teams, and the individual employees. We gladly also support you in making teams more efficient, in integrating individuals into the team, and into the organization.

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