Eagles Rising

Transforming the underprivileged into role-models

Underprivileged youth around Cape Town have the chance to follow a 1 year, full-time training and educational process. They experience healing, growth and empowerment. Initially they learn to further develop basic life skills, sporting and creative abilities, but the focus is on discovering one’s top skills and vision for life. After these crucial elements are identified, they start developing the skills and strengths they will need for the path they chose.

Inspired by the Eagles Rising initiative, xpand has looked for ways to partner with this program. During the year, we conduct several programs on their campus, such as Power Check, Presentation training, Team training and a training regarding healthy finances. This way we support the youngsters in making a more informed choice regarding their future careers and help them to develop some basic ‘people skills’.

We consider ourselves privileged with this opportunity to serve Eagles Rising with our knowledge and experience.


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