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People and Vocation

Any given person has something to offer. To identify potential and talents, to foster their development and finding jobs that utilise individual strength is not only good for the person but for the organisation they will work with as well. We have developed self-assessment-tools (available for purchase here) and offer personal and executive coaching depending on your needs and position. Our HR experts will be able to assist organisations in sustainable people development for short, midterm and long term effect.

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Organisations and Lasting Success

What is it you are trying to achieve? HOW is this done best? And WHY is it worth pursuing? Consultancy and tailor-made in-house training programmes help identify areas that need attention and also assist in working towards solutions. Our expertise ranges from strategy and organisational development through HR consultancy to innovation and values-centred leadership development. Our tools and processes work in any given industry; our clients are in automotive, health care, education, steel and glassware manufacture and banking, to name a few.

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