Our Identity

The foundations on which we build

There are 7 core values within xpand International that form a foundation in our work and services in the UK, and are reflected in our focus and quality.

Culture of Appreciation

We have a high appreciation of every single human being: we highly value their unique dignity. We live a culture of appreciation towards self, others, organizations, nations and their cultures. We also express our appreciation by living a life of celebration, generosity and thankfulness.

Servant Leadership

We serve others so they can find and fulfill their dignity and destiny. We serve and protect life in its variety of expressions, to stimulate healthy people, healthy relations, healthy organisations and a healthy environment. We believe in a healthy balance between action and contemplation, work and pleasure, mercy and justice.

Healthy Relationships

We believe that a healthy life style, organisations and society can only develop when there is a good balance between individuality and community. We are building bridges. We are excited to connect people with each other wherever possible, and support the synergy process.

In all our methods and materials we stimulate the restoration and growth of strong and lasting relationships.

Ethical Intelligence

We live and work from ethical standards, that inspire us to respect and preserve the dignity of every human being. We support our customers in the integration of their identity, ethics, mission and strategic choices.

Self-Responsibility and Personal Development

We encourage the search for, and fulfillment of, each individual’s dignity and destiny, and foster self-responsibility in this process.
We believe in the co-essentials of freedom and responsibility, so we respect the individual freedom of every human person and strongly oppose any form of manipulation or disenfranchisement. At the same time we hold each person to their self-responsibility to grow into a healthy and mature personality.
We believe in coaching leadership that develops and empowers people.

Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility

We encourage people and organisations to discover and develop their creative potential and, in doing so, bring sustainable solutions for the world around them.

We challenge each person to develop self-leadership and entrepreneurship, to create or recreate products, services or organisations that will serve their customers.

We join in with a movement of people and organisations who actively invest in a better and healthier society.

Quality, Processes and Mastery

We believe in the responsibility to produce quality in everything that someone does. In the quality of our daily work we express our deep respect for all those we are working with and for.

We design our services in intelligent, understandable and logical processes. We understand and reduce complexity to achieve simplicity, without losing the complexity of reality. We do this to serve our customers so they can use our models without our help, and support their growing maturity and professionalism.

We believe in the need for growth in professionalism and mastery for each human being. We embrace this for our own development as well as for the development of our customers.


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