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Life College

The xpand Gap Year – how does that work?

The Life College is a chance to take nine months to learn, grow and discover what you are truly capable of in your future. Make decisions about what you will do, where and with whom.

Each week includes specific learning on the topic of the month, work experience in a local business and English lessons if desired.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of what it is all about.

Testimonials from previous students

“The time in Scotland showed me who I am and what I want from life. I’ve gained a lot of experience and had a wonderful time.”

Timon Schmidt (2017)

“Life College gave me the opportunity to expand my professional knowledge but also to develop my personal skills. There is no better way to get personal and professional skills, to learn a new language and to build up relationships in another country than doing Life College!”

Selina Kappus (2017)
“Attending the Life College was not what I wanted in the first place, but what I knew I needed. It hasn’t proved me wrong, but exceeded my expectations instead. In that year I grew up and learned more about myself than ever before”
Henny Muessle (2016)
“My time in Scotland was not always easy and effortless but it challenged me to see who I am what I want to achieve. I learned to embrace the knowledge I have about myself, others, culture and the beauty of our unique futures lying ahead of us.”
Jessi Sommer (2016)
“Spending 9 months in Scotland and being a part of the Life College challenged me in some way but was very useful in finding my way in life. I learned a lot about myself, my personality and could build up new skills, gaining work experience, get more independent and I met new very friendly people.
All in all, Scotland is the perfect spot for that with a colourful, beautiful landscape, which is very worth to see.”
Sophia Demuth (2016)
Life College helped me to find out who I really am, and finding again the right path for my life. This 9 months in Scotland were amazing and I never going to forget the people and the beautiful places where we have been.
Eric Guldberg (2016)
“The Life College was one of my best decisions. It helped me to expand my skills and improve myself!”
Emanuel Langer (2015)
“Attending the Life College played a big part in my personal development and skill improvement. It gave me the right ideas in times of change and decision making and supported me in who I want to be. “
Frederik Becker (2015)
“The 9 months in Scotland defined and moulded me in my prospective way. It was the best decision and it is the last thing I would regret. The whole package is a really good combination of seminars, opportunities, work experience and the landscape.”
Franzi Reichel (2015)

“The Life College broadened my horizon like no other experience. It supported me with highly professional knowledge, to understand myself and the world I live in, and combined with the experiencing of placement-work and flat-living prepared me to live my life independently as who I am.”

Samuel Garthe (2015)
“The time in Scotland was the best time in my life, so far. I never thought so much about myself and who I am as I did it in Sandbank. You grow up, you leave with a plan for your future and you will have a lot more friends.”
Benny Zurmuehl (2013)
“I really enjoyed the time here in Scotland. I learned a lot about myself and others, especially in the flat sharing community. I am really happy that I joined the Life College although the start was a bit difficult. I got to know new people and very deep friendships developed out of that.”
Damaris Finger (2013)
“Coming to the Life College sounded like a big step in the beginning but it turned out to be the adventure of my life. Sometimes you have to leave behind what you have known since your childhood to really find out who you are. I’ve become more confident not only in my English and everyday-life skills but also character wise. And you just cannot resist falling in love with Scotland!”
Michelle Simon (2013)
“In life everything is about decision making and the life college was a good decision. Not every day was good but when I think about those bad days, I can learn a lot about myself. I enjoyed my time here. Remember, you can’t lose anything, you can just win something”
Valentin Wetenkamp (2012)

“This year has been the right thing to do and I am so grateful for everything that happened.”

David Hueger (2011)

How it works

9 months more time to decide how you want to deal with the future
9 months to spend with other European young people in an English-speaking environment
9 months:
    …to live together,
…to learn together,
…to work together. 

We will tackle important issues for our time:

  • Who am I?
  • Where will I go from here?
  • What has shaped me?
  • How can I lead successfully?
  • What will be important for the future?
  • How can I live out my uniqueness?

Because of the inclusion of job placements in different businesses in the area, you will learn the language very practically. We will also have English classes once a week to support this. Optionally for English-speaking participants, there can be German classes.

Download the document from the link on the right that includes application forms and fuller information (19 pages).

xpand Life College is a charity registered in Scotland, No: SCO 38210


Please contact us:

44 1369 70 222 4
44 7709 25 52 62

xpand Life College
Ceol Na Mara
Cromlech Road
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United Kingdom


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