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Vision for high quality training and coaching

Our xpand consultants are specialized in training and coaching professionals, leaders and teams. xpand’s key services focus on Personal Development, Leadership Development, Team Development and Organizational Development. We serve Executives of major companies with our Executive Coaching, but at the same time we support Young Professionals in their further development with tools like our Creative Life Planning. We offer Team Development Training, Resilience Training, Strategy Development and much more. Please feel free to contact our office and we will discover together how to best serve you, your team or your company.

Personal Development

We support managers, individuals and teams to discover their unique potential and to further develop it. Growth in self-awareness and responsibility will help you to realize future possibilities.

Creative Life Planning

Are you searching for a new perspective at work? Or do you want a different, less stressful or maybe a more challenging job?

Career Coaching

Are you facing certain important career choices? Is your work or your job not challenging or fulfilling enough anymore?

Executive Coaching

As an executive, director or manager you need to be challenged in the way you think and act.

Resilience Training

Resilience is the competence of a person to deal with challenges, changes and unexpected setbacks in a positive and meaningful way.

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Leadership Development

Growing into authentic leadership

As an executive, manager, team-leader or entrepreneur you are leading an organization through complex situations in a constantly changing society and market. Leadership is the key to leading with success.

XLA – Leadership Training

Our XLA program is a complete and inspiring leadership development program for leaders of all levels

In-house XLA

Most of the programs we conduct are fully tailored in-house leadership training for organizations.

Xpand License Training

With your license training you will be able to work with the specific process independently through your own organization.

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