Personal Development

Every story is unique

We support managers, individuals and teams to discover their unique potential and to further develop it. Growth in self-awareness and responsibility will help you to realize future possibilities.

It is necessary to be challenged in your thinking and your strategy in order to grow. Only then are you able to go beyond boundaries and to break new ground. Our experienced coaches will help you to do so. They will stimulate you in reflecting, evaluating and working on competences and efficiency. They will guide you through the strategic decision making process. We want to enlarge value; value for yourself, for your environment and for your organization. Living and working from a position of authenticity and integration is the motive throughout our coaching.

We see coaching as follows:

A structured and transparent process, that gives you a clear perspective in regard to your potential, unique skill-set, personality strengths and weaknesses, motivating environment, values and marketability. It is a process that is attuned to your specific situation.

An exciting challenge, that will help you to grow in your competences.

A personal guidance in your growth process, with your coaching request as our unique starting point. During the preliminary consultation we will discuss your situation, address your questions and will advise you on the best fitting services.

Creative Life Planning

Exploring life’s journey

Are you searching for a new perspective at work? Or do you want a different, less stressful or maybe a more challenging job? Are you looking for a better way to integrate your work and your private life? Do you want to enlarge your personal efficiency? Do you want to develop a clear vision for your work, family or role in society and need someone who can really help you to make the right decisions? Find out more about our Creative Life Planning and contact our coaches.

These questions are the heart of our CLP-process. It starts with a process of discovery. With clearly defining your specific competences, skills, motivations, wishes and values as well as understanding how dilemmas, obstructive thoughts or life experiences often make it difficult to actively and creatively give your life direction. With this newly gained knowledge your coach will then help you to make these important life decisions. Together you will develop a fully integrated strategy for the next five years of your life.

Career Coaching

With an eye on the future

Are you facing certain important career choices? Is your work or your job not challenging or fulfilling enough anymore? A coach will help you to develop a new and clear perspective, a new strategy for the following years. It might mean: breaking new ground, starting with a new course or study, growing into another role at work, etc. What fits best? In what position do your strengths and skills correspond best with your actual work? Which surroundings ensure that you will be able to keep on developing? What is your motivating environment? Are you going to work with a smile on your face?

Intrinsic motivation means that your work corresponds with the things that matter in your life (like your competences, motivating environment and values). Career coaching supports you in developing a new perspective and taking concrete steps to realize it. Interested? Contact our office, and we will gladly discuss how we can best support you.

Executive Coaching

Striving for excellence

As an executive, director or manager you need to be challenged in the way you think and act. This is not just to further develop your competences, but also to help you to stay focused and aware of your surroundings. You need fair feedback and an independent sparring partner with whom you can creatively exchange thoughts and strategies. People expect decisiveness and direction from you. As the person with the final responsibility for processes, people and results, you are constantly confronted with complex situations. You are a professional, but at the same time you are an individual with your own needs and questions. You too are not always completely clear in regard to what you want and where you want to be in the future. It is very helpful to have a trusted and independent senior coach who can reflect on all this together with you.

xpand’s executive coaching results in more strength, inspiration and authenticity; things that will impact the way that you give direction to your organization. Our senior consultants are very experienced coaches with specific expertise. They will happily discuss our services concerning executive coaching with you.

Resilience training