Leadership Development

Growing into authentic leadership

As an executive, manager, team-leader or entrepreneur you are leading an organization through complex situations in a constantly changing society and market. Leadership is the key to leading with success. It is important for you as a leader to create a healthy way of developing your character, while your competences grow. If both are growing – hand in hand – your mandate will grow too.

Leadership training means further developing yourself, but it has a clear impact on the organization as well. For instance, it also means further developing the present human potential within the employees. Today’s leaders are challenged to develop both the people and the results of their organization.

What makes our Leadership Development so unique, is that we help leaders to discover their authentic leadership style, to further develop their leadership competences, to strengthen their values and character, and – at the same time – we support them in further developing their team and employees.

XLA 16

xpand leadership academy – 16 courses

Our XLA program is a complete and inspiring leadership development program for leaders of all levels (we are able to customize and adjust the specific training program). Throughout the program you will learn to execute your tasks with more success and in a more authentic way. The program consists of 16 modules (1-day training courses), divided into 4 main topics. It is possible to participate exclusively in the modules of which you feel that they are the most important to you.

A Modular Program

The xpand leadership academy is a program of 16 modules, delivered in 4 main topics of 4 modules. Each module can be booked individually. The 4 main topics are: Personal leadership, Coaching leadership, Team leadership, and Strategic leadership.

XLA 16

In-house Leadership Training

Most of the programs we conduct are fully tailored in-house leadership training for organizations. We will gladly take a closer look together with you to discover which training-modules – and in what sequence – would be most effective for your team and organization. While doing so, we take a closer look at the specific competence goals as well as the specific organization culture. Together with one of our trainers you will develop a uniquely tailored training-program for your managers and/or team-leaders. To ensure a greater efficiency of the newly learned and further developed competences, we integrate training, coaching and inter visions in our programs. For further information please contact our office and they will connect you to one of our senior trainers.

Xpand License Training

To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.  – Koffi Annan


xpand have worked with organisations from the profit and non-profit sector for 30 years and are currently applying these specific processes in 14 countries worldwide. The various processes and tools of xpand has served various professionals and companies from different cultures to discover their own dignity and design their own destiny.

With your license training you will be able to work with the specific process independently through your own organization, while becoming part of a bigger tribe of coaches, trainers and consultants who want to grow in their mastery and support individuals and companies.

Licenses include:



Powercheck – Career Guidance

Team Mastery

Authentic Leadership

Creative Life Planning 3.0

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