Young Generation

Giving direction to your future

Endless possibilities; the future is such a big and incomprehensible thing. But often you have to choose certain directions early on. Fortunately, you hold the keys to unlocking the necessary information and insight to making the right choices. We can help you to discover and to clarify what lies within you, and to find out what your top skills are, your passions, your drive. We have been supporting thousands of youngsters in their personal quest for discovering and clarifying for nearly 30 years.

Power Check

Discover your potential

Do you have to make decisions about a course, a study, an education, an apprenticeship, a profession? Young people are having a hard time making these decisions and often come to regret their choices. So, are you looking for support, to make sure that you are making an informed decision; a decision that results from what you really want, from what really suits you? Our Power Check Program has proven to be a tremendous support in understanding your personal possibilities. We can help you make the right decision.

The program

During our active Power Check Program you will invest some time to think about yourself, about where you come from, about your skills, the things that motivate you, and of course about where you want to go from here. The coach, the tests, the workshops and the assignments will give you the structure to gain a good oversight. The results of the program will help you to choose a direction with greater confidence!

Power Check @ School

A structured and practical support for choosing a study

Are you are a dean, student counselor or study coordinator looking for an effective and clear support system for your students to guide them with their educational professional choices? The Power Check program has proven to be a great instrument for complementing the support a school already offers to their students. It helps students to make well considered and well informed choices, and helps them find a study or profession that really suites their wishes, their skills, personality and passions.

We offer individual Power Check trajectories, but we also work together with schools and offer our Power Check program on campus. Over three sessions, the class will develop a clear perspective though our workshops, tests and assignments, as well as engaging in personal talks with our coach. Afterwards all the students will have a great written overview of the tests and their decisions.

Youth Employability

Transforming the underprivileged into role-models

Underprivileged youth around Cape Town have the chance to follow a 1 year, full-time training and educational process. They experience healing, growth and empowerment. Initially they learn to further develop basic life skills, sporting and creative abilities, but the focus is on discovering one’s top skills and vision for life. After these crucial elements are identified, they start developing the skills and strengths they will need for the path they chose.

Inspired by the Eagles Rising initiative, xpand has looked for ways to partner with this program. During the year, we conduct several programs on their campus, such as Power Check, Presentation training, Team training and a training regarding healthy finances. This way we support the youngsters in making a more informed choice regarding their future careers and help them to develop some basic ‘people skills’.

We consider ourselves privileged with this opportunity to serve Eagles Rising with our knowledge and experience.

Check out the Eagles Rising website here…

Leaders Of Influence

Developing your leadership potential

Are you an ambitious student or young professional and do you want to invest in your potential as a leader? Are you motivated to grow in you profession and to serve your customers, your community and country? If yes, then our LOI program might be perfect for you!

Becoming part of our LOI movement

The Leaders of Influence movement is a coaching-program that supports young professionals, between 20 and 30 years of age, that want to continue investing in their development. Our LOI program is managed by our foundation. Our vision is to help young people find their place in society and to support them to effectively develop their potential. We offer an assessment for young people to find out if our program is the right fit for them.

If you are interested, please contact our office and we will gladly send you our LOI-brochure and further information.