The thinking gene of the leader

Matulale is a gracious and serving leader who always empowers her staff. She knows every person, their family and what their passions are. You might say she is a people’s person. But Matulale finds it difficult to make decisions in a timely manner. Important decisions are always postponed; to the point that it just fades away.

There is the age-old question regarding leadership, are leaders born or can you develop leadership? The reality is it is both. The reality for Africa is that we will find many who might not have the traditional leadership gene, actually occupying leadership positions and doing a great job. Part of the work of the leader is to make healthy decisions. There are 16 thinking skills that leaders need in today’s challenging world. One such skill is to master the complexity of the system and systems in the organization you lead today and tomorrow.

Leaders deal with complexity and systems all the time:

Leaders constantly see the entire gallery of an organization or customer group, while viewing the specific parts of each team/department or customer’s personal needs. Leaders connect the dots between departments/teams and customers. Being comfortable and thriving in complex systems is a key competence for future leaders today.

Leaders can grow their systemic competence:

Here are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Play chess regularly.
    • Play the full game
    • Play with only some of the pieces.
  2. Draw a picture of all the systems in your business. Include details, add colour and make it fun. Link the systems that connect.
    1. Ask these questions:
      • How do these systems affect each other
      • What are the implications of these systems connecting?
    2. Evaluate each system and the system as a whole, using a evaluation system.

Have fun growing in your systemic competence.

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