Understanding yourself and others better.

Have you ever seen these different behaviors in your kitchen?

  1.  This behavioral style loves to think of the quickest way to cook food and therefore the microwave is their best friend and cleaning up is definitely not a priority. You find the kitchen in a state that resembles a battlefield.
  2. This behavioral style invited everyone to try their new gourmet food. They also love to buy new kitchen appliances, attracted by the extravagant packaging. For them the kitchen and dinner table is supposed to be a place shared with friends.
  3. This behavioral style places a high value on meals as family time. They own recipe books filled with everyone’s favourite recipe and alternates among recipes that work and that the family loves. For them the kitchen is an important place where you prepare food to serve your family.
  4. This behavioral style use measuring cups, precise recipes and an egg timer that guarantees all meals are served with precision. This person reads the ingredients of each label and knows the nutritional value of all the food. For them the kitchen functions like a well-oiled machine.

With which behavioral style do you resonate? Each one of these personality behaviors have beauty and brings beauty to the world. 80% of people will display two of the above mentioned behavior styles, 10% will display three and only a further 10 % will mainly display only one style. The beauty of these behavior styles is that we can have different styles in our work environment and home environment. We also go through different seasons in life where we develop different styles. With the combination of more than one style present we also see how each person is unique in their own way. Although one style may be prevailing, it is always good to use this information as a way to get to know the uniqueness of each person.

In our previous blog we started by looking at the Dominant behavioral style and today we will be visiting with the Influencing Behavioral Style.

The Influencing Behavioural Style

Would you describe yourself as:

  • Optimistic and Enthusiastic
  • Freely expresses your feelings
  • Enjoy working in groups
  • You love networking and building connection with others

This style sees each new person they meet as a potential friend and connection. They are motivated within atmospheres where they can persuade and influence those around them. They see their environment as non-stressful and react towards this in an assertive way, this results in them being perceived as inspiring and spontaneous.

The beauty of this behaviour in communication.

You will find people with this style in the middle of a discussion where they can express their thoughts and feelings or discuss new ideas. They usually have excellent verbal skills and communicate with the objective of winning people over or bringing people together for a new activity. They communicate in a fun way, many times using stories and humor to build connections. The beauty in their communication lies in their excellent ability to motivate and encourage those around them.

What they need to flourish in communication.

Communication with this style starts with a smile and open body language. The next step is to verbally express your admiration, recognition and appreciation of who they are. A compliment on their new idea or your spontaneous laughter on their joke can truly go a long way in inspiring them.

They love to take part in conversations and truly feel respected when you give them enough time to talk. To them it is all about the relationship and using words to build our connection. Use these sentences to build connection;

“Your positive attitude gives me encouragement.”

“What a great idea!”

“You really have the ability to convince people. You could sell a milking machine to a farmer and take his only cow as a trade-in.”

“You really have a way with words.”

*When communicating over text make sure to use emoji’s and exclamation marks to communicate in an exciting manner.

Challenges in communication.

A person with this personality behavioral style likes to voice their opinions. In a team they can sometimes seem over optimistic and talkative and this can lead to conflicts and arguments. Their strong optimism, enthusiasm and their ability to motivate others truly bloom when they direct it towards inspiring others in a healthy way.

Tips to be healthy.

  • Talk less, listen more.
  • Develop the willingness to listen and consider others negative or critical thoughts and feelings.
  • Make sure to stay focussed and on topic in conversations.
  • Take others ideas and suggestions into account.
  • Use your words to build relationships.

Words of appreciation to the Influencing Personality behavioral style.

  • Embrace the fullness of your profile.
  • You are truly an inspiration.
  • The way you encourage and motivate others truly makes the team great.
  • We need your voice. Thank you for voicing your ideas and sharing your stories.

Embrace your uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

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