Understanding yourself and others better.

Have you ever seen these people playing golf?

  1. The game and course is seen as a challenge. This person drives around the course in their golf-cart. They take shortcuts when needed.
  2. The golf game is not the priority. The person will rather spend hours at the clubhouse, having fun with friends then to play the course.
  3. The game is always played on the same day, at the same time, with the same friends and on the same course. This person finds comfort in the harmony of nature and sport.
  4. The game is played within rules. Keeping score is a key ingredient for this person. This person cleans their golf clubs before each game.

Each one of these personality behaviors has beauty and brings beauty to the world. 80% of people will display two of the above mentioned behavior styles, 10% will display three and only a further 10 % will mainly display only one. The beauty of these behavior styles is that we can have different styles in our work environment and home environment. We also go through different seasons in life where we develop different styles. With the combination of more than one style present we also see how each person is unique in their own way. Although one style may seem dominant, it is always good to use this information as a way to get to know the uniqueness of each person.

In our previous blog we started by looking at the Influencing behavioral style and today we will be visiting with the Stable Behavioral Style.

The Stable Behavioral Style

Would you describe yourself as:

  • Friendly and steady
  • Harmonious
  • A loyal friend
  • You find safety in an environment where there is no conflict

This style finds safety in rhythms. They are motivated within environments where stability is a key value. They see their environment as non-stressful and react towards this in an non-assertive way, this results in them being perceived as supportive and steady.

The beauty of this behavior in communication.

You will find people with this style listening more than speaking. Communication for them includes non-verbal and verbal elements. They speak in a soft and peaceful manner. They usually have an acute sense of people’s emotional state and formulate their words in such a manner that the other person feels safe. They have high social awareness and therefore find it easy to make people feel at home. They communicate in a friendly way, many times using stories and emotions to build life long connections. The beauty in their communication lies in their sensitive ability to develop relational bonds. They love to include everyone in each conversation.

What they need to flourish in communication.

Communication with this style starts with a safe and secure environment. They share willingly if they know there is trust between each other. The next step is to verbally express your appreciation for their loyal commitment. Allowing them to stay in their comfort can result in valuable insights from their observable nature.

They love to be asked what their opinion would be, without rushing them into answering. To them it is all about the long-term relationship and using words to build valuable connection.

Use these sentences to build connection;

“I appreciate your stability in the chaos.”

“What would you like to add to the conversation?”

“You really have the ability to make us all feel at home.”

“You really have a deep sense and awareness of how we all feel.”

*When you communicate make sure there is no distractions for all parties involved. This adds to their sense of quiet and valuable conversations.

Challenges in communication.

A person with this personality behavioral style seems withdrawn most of the time. In a team they can sometimes seem lethargic and not willing to engage. Their strong sense of harmony and stability tends to be more important than solving valuable conflict.

Tips to be healthy.

  • Talk more and share your opinion, everyone longs to listen to your side of the story.
  • Develop the willingness to handle conflict when needed and consider others feelings if it is not resolved.
  • Make sure to talk with someone about the emotions you allowed to fester.
  • Keep listening like you do, it makes people feel valuable.
  • Use your words and wisdom to build relationships.

Words of appreciation to the Stable Personality behavioural style

  • Embrace the fullness of your profile.
  • You are truly a rock of stability for all.
  • The way you let everyone feel at home is a gift.
  • The world needs more people like you who listen with care and compassion.

Embrace your uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

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